At Telemetry Engineering Solutions, we specialize in designing and implementing advanced edge telemetry systems that provide essential data for business customers in the Broadcast, Energy and Utilities sectors.

Custom Telemetry Solutions

Who We Are

We are passionate about engineering telemetry solutions that surpass industry standards. With our expertise in Embedded Microcontroller technologies, we design tailored systems for broadcasting, water management, and environmental monitoring sectors.

What We Do

We design high-availability telemetry systems that seamlessly integrate with both new and legacy monitoring equipment. We undertake design studies, cost-benefit studies, and proof of concept prototyping which often helps to inform procurement processes. We can also be a 'customer friend' to help navigate and understand the complete procurement cycle.

We optimize and enhance existing telemetry systems by leveraging advanced microcontroller technologies, delivering solutions that exceed industry standards.

Specializing in implementing telemetry systems with replacement technologies that minimise downtime and installation time.




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