Telemetry Engineering Solutions (TES) offers consultancy services, whether as a 'customer friend' to help negotiate with suppliers, or to assist with specifying your requirements, through to organising and running proof of concepts or prototyping solutions.

Our Solutions Portfolio

Experience and Expertise

Led by a double-chartered Software, OT, and Electrical/Electronics engineer with over 40 years of expertise, Telemetry Engineering Solutions has extensive experience in hardware, firmware, and software associated with a modern telemetry pipeline. Below are just some of the industries that our solutions have been applied within. Need more information? Contact us for more information.

Satellite Uplinking

Heavily involved with the design, deployment, and maintenance of bespoke real time telemetry solutions for broadcast uplinking to geo-stationing TV satellites.


Over 40 years experience providing telemetry solutions for the UK Broadcasting industry. Including remote monitoring solutions for one of the UK's largest transformation projects. Specifying and provisioning systems to provide equipment monitoring, SLA monitoring, Trouble ticketing, and stream-based correlation.


Worked for the UK Government in providing systems for vehicle safety and driver assistance programmes.

Rail Systems

Worked for GEC Process Automation to large-scale telemetry schemes for Rail and telecontrol for Grid distribution.

Environmental Monitoring

Worked with a best-in-class solutions provider to fully engineer state-of-the-art legionella and weather monitoring solutions.


Designed an E2E monitoring system for over 100 roadside enclosure cabinets delivering a 5G service to the Greater London area using intelligent edge devices.

Water Management

Experience in providing large-scale telemetry solutions for the water industry in the UK and Middle East.

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